I want to get involved as:


Parents or School

Companies or businesses

CSO or Government


Me interesa una platica o taller o brindar servicio social o voluntario

Parents and schools

I am interested in a lecture or workshop or providing social or volunteer service.

For teenagers
If you are looking for speakers for a talk or workshop for teenagers, at AXIOS we can help you, we have experience in different topics and we love working with young people.
For parents
We provide solutions and skills training for fathers and mothers to accompany their adolescent sons and daughters. Workshops for parents can be tailored to their needs.
For teachers
We train teachers and school personnel from social-emotional skills, personalized accompaniment, to resolving risk situations with adolescents.

Companies and businesses

We would like to:

Investing socially in AXIOS or donate
We invite you to think not only about donating but also about investing socially in your future collaborators who are now teenagers.
A lecture or workshop for my employees
We are a great support in human resources and talent solutions. We facilitate workshops on social, emotional and cognitive skills of your employees. Talks and diagnostics to prevent psychosocial risks and comply with NOM 035.
A workshop or camp for my employees' children
In our corporate camps we integrate parent-child activities in a relaxed and fun atmosphere to build trust and family closeness, learn how to communicate and resolve conflicts.

CSO and Government