Ana Elisa

The undersigned Ana Elisa Gastelum Salas, principal of the General High School No. 136 "Alma Rosa Padilla Rodriguez" with code 14DE501450, located in Col. Heroes Nacionales, Zapopan Jal. I am writing to request you to consider the support of the AXIOS Program to the school that in these moments of social confinement have been doing an excellent referral of support to young people in offering support in the management of emotions and activities that have strengthened the mental health of students. It should be noted that they have maintained communication with the students through the official Facebook page of the School. Actively support in socioemotional education is considered essential in the existence of the school community. Mercedes Vaquero Padilla has developed during the 2019-2020 school year in attention to cases of students at risk of dropping out of school. We hope to continue having the AXIOS Program in our educational institution in support of young people and their families. With no other particular matter, I bid you farewell and send you a cordial greeting.



AXIOS helped me a lot because it brought me closer to people, made me more social, taught me how to work as a team, how important it is to live together and to unite people with a project. Also in the talks it helped me to feel fulfilled and to get closer to my family, it helped me a lot in my self-esteem and in my person.



Axios helped me in several aspects: the first was to invite me to be part of the AXIOS ambassadors, which I accepted, from then on I began to be a little more social, determined and to be more empathetic, with all the conferences that he gave us I was improving as a person. On one occasion the AXIOS team and I made a dynamic: to collect money and at the end all the proceeds were donated to a nursing home, a place that I could not attend due to family problems, which my facilitator helped me a lot to control my emotions and to know how to act in difficult moments. To this day it helps me a lot, I really admire my facilitator and I am very grateful. He can be everything at the same time, from a great friend, teacher, anything, I can only thank him and as he helped me I am sure he helped many others.



In the most difficult circumstances of my life I was fortunate to have very valuable friends who came to me in solidarity to ratify their friendship and give me support to get out of the state in which I found myself. I have a great appreciation for you and you have already earned a place in heaven for being such a noble person... Thanks to the series of activities carried out I began to see life in a positive way, I began to appreciate and value more the little or much I have. And the most important thing: I began to realize that nothing is impossible, I learned new ways to learn, to express myself, to communicate what I feel, a new way to solve my conflicts. I am grateful for the help to progress and grow as a person.



As a student I recognize the AXIOS program very well, it has helped me during my three years of high school, it is an unconditional support that can be acquired by any student on the planet. There are workshops where they teach many values in the classroom and we learn to coexist with our classmates, there are also activities that I like very much where everyone can give their opinion without anyone playing games and everyone in most of the classes respect each other. It is too incredible to be able to learn to deal with and confront each of our problems without aggression or violence. The counseling is already a very high level based on trust and I personally do not trust easily but AXIOS is really like a refuge for those who need it and it is not right that when someone "the world is coming down on him" he has no one to talk to, I really appreciate this program, it is a great help and they guide you a lot, It is like having a real "best friend" and I know that my teacher is always there, listening to anyone, wanting to see everyone well, because nowadays it is difficult to deal with some teenagers, but there are some who like me like to be listened to and have the best advice from someone professional. Without a doubt I can say that AXIOS is the best subject.